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Hi, We're TwosomesUP!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet! We are Patrick and Charleen, a quirky couple who love nothing more than playing indie video games.

We started our blog as a way to share our love of gaming with others, and it's been a great way for us to connect with other gamers and the indie dev community. We love discovering new games, among other things, and sharing our thoughts on them with anyone who wants to listen. We believe that indies are some of the most innovative and creative experiences out there, and we want to help more people discover just how great they can be.

We check out titles from all genres, whether they’re platformers, RPGs, and everything in between. We try to be as honest and unbiased as possible in our reviews, and we always give our unfiltered opinion on any game we write about. We also like to include some personal anecdotes about our experiences while playing them, which we think adds a unique perspective to our reviews.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts and that they help you discover some great indie games. Join us on our journey through the world of gaming and discover something new today! So feel free to have a poke around our website and see what you can find that speaks to you! Thanks for visiting our blog!

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Patrick and Charleen DiPersio

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We love helping developers and publishers spread the word about their games, but before we accept a request to review your game, please read through our collaborative review policies, and let us know if you’re comfortable. Because if you’re comfortable, then we’re comfortable!

Of course, there can always be exceptions, and if you’d still like us to cover your game but some of our terms don’t line up, don’t hesitate to reach out to contact@twosomesup and we can work together to figure it out.


  • We will always communicate when a review code is accepted when offered to us directly.
  • Minimum of 7 day turn around after acceptance of review code.
    • This is dependent on our current workload, and the length of the game.
    • We will never accept a code that we are unable to cover due to workload and/or time constraints.
  • We will always abide by embargo dates, but will never publish a review before a game is released.
  • We will always communicate when a review has been published.
  • If after accepting a review code we determine coverage of the game would be inappropriate, in bad taste, or harmful to our reputation, we reserve the right to refuse coverage. We will always communicate this to you.


  • All of our opinions are our own and when it comes to writing reviews we strive for honesty.
    • If there are portions of the game that we don’t like, we’ll say it.
    • If there are portions of the game that we do like, we’ll say it.
    • Regardless of if we received the game for review purposes, or if we bought it ourselves, this will never change.
  • All reviews will feature links to where the game can be bought based on which platform we played it on.
    • This is regardless of who it was published by, or where it was published.
  • If the game is available on Steam, we will always add it to our Steam Curator with either a thumbs up or thumbs down based on our final verdict. Links to our Steam Curator pages can be found in the footer of each page.


  • We will always share our work on our Social Media pages either from the TwosomesUP or Twosomes After Dark accounts, depending on the type of content published. You can find our active social media accounts in the footer of each page.
  • Shares pertaining to any of our review content will include a link to the review itself, and a link to the game on our Steam Curator if it exists.
  • The developer of the game being reviewed, if they have an account on the social media platform where the review is being shared, will also be tagged within the body of the post.


  • We typically do not share press releases for upcoming games.
  • Any press releases that we share will be shared on our Social Media pages either from the TwosomesUP or Twosomes After Dark accounts, depending on the type of content.
  • Any press releases that we share will not be featured on our website.


  • We do cover Early Access and In-Development games including pre-release demos, but our type of coverage is dependent on its level of completion and where it can be acquired.
  • Games must be feature complete enough to at least represent the final vision and core gameplay loop of the game.
  • If the game exists on Steam we will add coverage to our Steam Curator page(s).
  • If the game solely exists on we will add our coverage to our curated collection(s).
  • Coverage may or may not appear on our website depending on the completion level of the game, and whether or not we can form a full opinion on it based on the build we are given access to.
  • If for whatever reason we determine the game to not be ready, we reserve the right to refuse coverage. We don’t want to shed a negative light on your in-development game!