The After Dark Gauge Guarantee

We will do our best to make sure that our gauges represent the highest degree of adult content that any player may have access to within the core game regardless of what is able to be toggled on or off in the settings or what may or may not be seen during different dialogue paths. Purchasable content excluded, unless noted. Obviously things are always missable, but we will do our best to give an accurate idea of what you can expect to encounter within a game. Also, there will be occasions where a game might straddle the line between various levels so we will have to make a judgment call as to where it stands, however, we will always clearly state within the gauge explanation section of our reviews, exactly what the game contains.

Twilite Header

A game will be given this label if lewd content is still the main focus or is at least a prominent theme within the game. While there may not be nudity or visible sex/sex acts, the overall game could still be considered sexually suggestive in some manner.

The Level Header

This gauge ranges from level 1 to level 4. The higher the level the less that’s left to the imagination and the closer a game gets to being just straight up interactive porn. If you prefer to fill in the blanks however, then floating between levels 1 and 2 is probably a good place to start. Keep scrolling for a breakdown of types of content you may find at each level:


At this level expect to find partial nudity (boobs and butts) and an undertone of sexual themes. Typically sex is implied through dialogue or other inventive means while the actual sex and/or sex acts are not interactive in any way and are not an integral part of the game.


At this level partial nudity is much more common, but full nudity is not out of the realm of possibility. Like at level 1, sex and sex acts play a supporting role in the game and are not interactive. While sex may be implied, sex acts like masturbation may still be visible and unobstructed.


At this level full nudity is a guarantee and sex is a key component to the gameplay as well as the story. You can also expect that many of the sex scenes will feature interactive components and will include visible penetration.


At this level sex is the primary focus and the singular gameplay mechanic, or the gameplay is heavily influenced by it. The game includes full nudity, visible penetration, and fully interactive sex and/or sex acts.

The Type Header

The closer this gauge gets to High, the more likely it is to have explicit and/or potentially offensive material. This includes any and all kinks, fetishes, sexual violence, and non-consentual sex. If you’d prefer to not get too freaky, staying at or below Medium would be a good comfortable spot. Also, these ratings don’t mean the entire game revolves around these types of instances, but they are potentially encountered somewhere within the game. We’ll always give more specific details for each game within the body of the review.


This type of game falls in the sensual and consensual realm. Romanticized and idealized sex and/or sexual acts, or mildly lewd content and/or dialog. At Low you can expect the relations to take place between consenting parties. Some mild kinks like non-human (but still mostly humanoid) partners, toys, and playful dirty talk.


This type of game lands firmly in the salacious and flirtatious zone. At Medium you might encounter dubious or non consent, character duress (non enthusiastic consent), less humanoid looking partners, and a variety of sexual fetishes (tentacles, prostitution, light BDSM, NTR).


This type of game is all the way in on the lewd and crude. At High anything and everything goes. You will more than likely encounter instances of heavy non-consensual sex and/or sex acts, degrading dialogue, fem/male domination, body stretching/modification and everything in between.


Well that pretty much wraps it up! Our motto here is that good games are good games no matter their content, but we understand that sometimes a bit of a heads up can come in handy where adult content is concerned.

We started After Dark reviews as a way to make playing lewd games a bit more accessible for anyone who's interested. Afterall gaming is meant to be an enjoyable experience and adding a little NSFW into the mix certainly shouldn’t detract from that core goal. That’s where our handy gauge system will come into play. Before you even click to read the article you’ll be able to see at a glance right on the thumbnail how deep down the naughty rabbit hole that particular game goes. And if you do decide to click through there will be an even more in-depth discussion about what that game has in store for you. We’ll discuss things like how much nudity and sex you may encounter, if the naughty bits are interactive in any way, and what types of kinks you can expect to find. Or if you aren’t interested in any of that at all and really just want some sensual innuendos or suggestive themes then our Twilite titles category has got you covered!

Just like the reviews you’ll find on TwosomesUP, we strive for open and honest discussions of our own personal experiences no matter their subject matter. And we made Twosomes After Dark a safe space to explore at your own pace. So have a look around, find your comfort zone, and happy gaming!