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After Dark | Patrick DiPersio | March 28, 2023


  • Full nudity
  • Visible Penetration
  • Interactive sex scenes
  • Sex is a supporting narrative theme
  • Sex is a key mechanic during gameplay


  • Demi-human partners
  • Harsh or degrading language
  • Instances of incest
  • Instances of non-consent
  • Theme: Semen Consumption

Waking up in a decrepit mansion and relentlessly being stalked by demons that want nothing more than to drain you of every ounce of your life energy, sounds like a fever dream that’ll have you waking up soaked in sweat. When those demons are voluptuous succubi however, resisting their whims, not to mention your own temptations, may be harder than you think or maybe it’ll have you wishing you’d never have to wake from this steamy dream at all.

The main character is captured by a slime girl and is drained of his life energy. "Ahh?! You were a virgin? You gave it to me, awww ~"

In Drain Mansion, the latest erotic platformer from Kredyn and Shady Corner Games, you’ll be exploring just such a decrepit mansion as you try to rescue your captured sister, and escape the grasp of its demonic (and horny) inhabitants. Can you survive by solving puzzles, navigating obstacles, and hiding in any cupboard you can find? Or will you ultimately succumb to their seductive trickery?

After Dark Header - The Gauges
The main character has sex with a cat lady.
The main character has sex with a cat lady.

Sex in Drain Mansion is a prominent theme throughout the game, with most in-game sex scenes featuring light gameplay mechanics like controlling the speed in which the “actions” are performed. Sex scenes both in-game and within the “game over” screens also feature full nudity and visible penetration leading us to put Drain Mansion moderately high on the level gauge with a level 3.

The main character hides behind a barrier as he's pursued by a green-haired succubus.

When it comes to the content you’ll encounter in Drain Mansion, not much is left to the imagination, and ultimately had us rate it high on the second gauge as well. Though sex and the various sex acts occur between a human and demi-human partners, a large majority of the characters look more human than not, with their most prominent non-human characteristics simply being something like wings or horns. While the acts themselves could be considered relatively kink-free outside of that, there is a large focus on semen and the consumption of it. So, if that’s not your cup of tea, the game may not be for you. The biggest factor in its high rating however was due to it prominently featuring non-consensual sex and an instance of incest. Even if while in the moment the main character never seems to be in any sort of duress, a lot of the situations he finds himself in were not of his own volition. Especially since the inhabitants of the mansion typically force the main character to have sex with them so they can steal his seed. There are even some cases where those characters mention they’re going to “r@pe” the main character to get what they want. 

After Dark Header - Does It Hold UP
The main character has sex with a wolf lady.
The main character has sex with a wolf lady.

When I first came across Drain Mansion I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. On the surface it seemed like your run of the mill 2D platformer, but with voluptuous ladies for baddies instead of mushrooms with shoes for legs. I was curious however to see what the game would offer that would set it apart. You know, aside from the obvious things like including P’s going into V’s, or mouths, or whatever orifices you can think of. With that in mind, what really had me intrigued was that the game seemed to feature “stalker-horror-like” mechanics. And while the horror aspect of the whole scenario seemed to be on the low side, I was eager to see how the naughty biz was thrown into the mix.

After Dark Header - Does It Hold UP
The main character exploring a room filled with statues of voluptuous ladies, trying to solve a puzzle.

Aesthetically, I’d say Drain Mansion did exactly what it set out to do as a platformer. I appreciated the non-linear approach to the level designs that occasionally required backtracking. It made the game feel more dynamic as you explored each area. Plus, the jumps were plentiful and the action felt fairly fluid. I will admit to struggling somewhat in the beginning while trying to get a feel for the game, but the learning curve wasn’t terribly steep and after dying and restarting a few times I was finally able to find my feet with the controls, so to speak. Soon enough I was jumping over crates and up broken staircases to escape whatever lusty lady was on my heels like a pro.

A goblin lady coaxes the main character with her legs spread over her head, trying to trick him into giving up his life essence.
A goblin lady coaxes the main character with her legs spread over her head, trying to trick him into giving up his life essence.

I also like the balanced mix of reward/punishment whenever one of the demons did manage to get ahold of my poor main character. For most of the enemies you can just mash buttons to escape, provided you have the stamina to last long enough to do so. Some however left no room for escape, or they were set there as traps for falling into a pit, or while hiding in “trapped” closets instead of running past. 

The main character sneaks behind a monster lady hoping to not get caught.

My biggest issue with the stalker-horror-esque gameplay however, was that it typically took a lot of trial and error to progress. A lot of the time you’ll find yourself in inescapable situations that can pop up out of nowhere without warning, giving you little chance to react. Which meant you’d die and have to try again until you got it right. Do that enough, and it can get a bit frustrating. Honestly not something I look forward to in a lewd game, since the last thing you want pushing you away from seeing all of the hard work the artists put into their sexy rewards is the gameplay. Especially when it takes a solid 20-30 seconds before you can respawn and try again, dampening the flow of the game. The benefit of failing however is that you’d be able to see those naughty game over screens. It was just unfortunate that not every failstate had a special end screen rewarding you for your hot-blooded demise.

The main character finally escapes into the forest outside of the decrepit mansion.

Other than that, the H content was well done. With a nice variety of demon ladies thirsting after your “energy”. And because of that the gameplay stayed fresh to the very end. The story was kind of neither here nor there really, and ended on a bit of a cliffhanger which was disappointing to see, but the potential for multiple endings does increase its replayability. Hopefully that means that there will be DLC or even a sequel sometime in the future.

After Dark Header - To Sum It UP
The main character gets caught by a ghost lady as she pleasures him with her breasts.
The main character gets caught by a ghost lady as she pleasures him with her breasts.

Overall, I found myself impressed with Drain Mansion. I had a bit of a rocky start figuring out the controls and how the game wanted me to play, but I ended up really enjoying my time with it. It only took me a few sittings (less than 4 hours) to reach the end and honestly that felt like the perfect length for a game like this. While I’m not sure I really see value in replaying it anytime soon, I would absolutely like to see a sequel.

After Dark Header - Recommendation
The main character finds himself surrounded by succubi.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing lewd games from different genres of gameplay pop up on my radar and Drain Mansion was no exception. Two sneaky closet demon thumbs up from us!