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After Dark | Charleen DiPersio | June 1, 2023

There are good dreams, and there are bad dreams, but what makes nightmares truly terrifying is our lack of control over the illogical events that transpire as we experience them. In Dreamcutter from Ten Pennyfingers and Shady Corner Games however, Haley hopes to take control of her subconscious and with the help of the sentient scythe known as the Dreamcutter, escape the terrors of her mind’s making.



  • Full nudity
  • Toy play
  • Non-interactive sex scenes
  • Sex is present but is not integral to the story or gameplay


  • All sex is between consenting parties
  • Mildly lewd dialogue
  • Tentacle Play (Gallery)
After Dark Header - The Gauges
A doppelganger of the main charatcer is speaking to her and saying, "Dreamcutter's busy and you've got a reward to reap.".

Dreamcutter features scenes containing full nudity, visible sex, and an instance or two of toy play. Although scenes containing sex and sex acts are present at various points throughout the game, none are interactive, and as a whole are not integral to the story or gameplay.

All of the sex scenes found throughout the game occur between consenting parties, and although all narrative based scenes could be considered relatively kink free, there are instances of mildly lewd dialogue found throughout. The only exception would be with the pictures you are able to unlock in the game’s art gallery. Which contain instances of tentacle play, and comparatively more hardcore sexual acts.

After Dark Header - Does It Hold UP
The main charatcer is swinging her purple scythe through the air to pop a fire bubble that will give her a jump boost.

At first blush it wasn’t hard to see that Dreamcutter held a lot of potential. The gameplay looked packed with action and the art for both cutscenes and in-game looked well done and colorful. I did have some apprehensions about where the adult content was going to fit in, but as always when it comes to a lewd game, finding out is half the fun. 

Fighting a boss that consists of evil looking eyes, red lips with big teeth and two crystal looking hands. The hands are shooting purple flames that are being reflected off of mirrors at the main character.

I’m always intrigued when a developer takes a gameplay first approach with their lewd game especially in a genre like an action-platformer. The primary focus needs to be on the fun factor if you want players to unlock all the naughty components of the game after all, regardless of how they are incorporated.

After Dark Header - Does It Hold UP
The main charatcer is swinging her scythe to take down a variety of enemies. One gold robot, one blue robot, a blue and pink bat, and a yellow floating eyeball.

As an action platformer Dreamcutter brought a lot of classic, well loved mechanics to the table, like the float/helicopter move, or the rail grinding. Those are always welcome sights and really spice up the gameplay when stacked with the standard hack and slash motif. I also really enjoyed the various ways you’re able to traverse the map, like using your scythe as a springboard or as an icepick of sorts to climb special walls. 

This boss has summoned large silver and pink swords to comedown from the ceiling. The main character has avoided the attack and is standing in-between two swords.

That said, there wasn’t a huge variety of enemies to fight. For the most part they were all of the same type, just given different colors and more HP. Which is fine, but it does end up feeling repetitive rather quickly. Especially later in the game. This becomes even more apparent when fighting the mid bosses for each world, which were always the same purple glass ball with wings that you needed to damage enough to shatter while also fighting off hordes of bats and sometimes other monsters. The main bosses themselves however, all felt a bit too tanky in my opinion and ranged from barely fighting you to bombarding you with difficult to dodge attacks, making them feel a bit unbalanced. A health bar for the bosses would have been great, at least then it could let you know how much longer it’s going to take to end the fight. Nonetheless, aside from the bosses, which are their own can of worms, the gameplay is fun and fluid, but ultimately very rinse and repeat. This in turn tends to make the four or more stages you need to play through for each of the five worlds feel like the game is overstaying its welcome despite it already being a fairly short game.

After Dark Header - To Sum It UP
The main character and a possessed version of her best friend are speaking. Evil Lucia says, "Nightmares lie just beneath the surface of your understanding, Haley.".

When it comes to the adult content, if I’m being truly honest, it just doesn’t feel like it fits. It feels like the game was originally going to be a run-of-the-mill action-platformer that at some point  along the line lewd content was shoehorned in. Each sex scene is unlocked as part of the story after you’ve defeated each boss and as you work through the dialogue for those scenes the pictures will change in sequence to show motion. The first one for example is Haley reliving a particular fantasy of hers where she meets a strange man in a forest, while the rest are of her with her crush/girlfriend or her alter ego(?). I can’t say I understand where it fits into the story other than Haley fantasizing about her crush but it’s not terribly uncommon for H-games to employ some loose logic at times so I can’t really blame the developers for that. 

Haley and Lucia are having sex using a double sided dildo.
Haley and Lucia are having sex using a double sided dildo.

Where I do find fault is in the inconsistency of the artwork. It’s fine to fill the gallery of your game with other artists’ contributions, but when that bleeds into the actual game and we start seeing wildly different versions/styles of the main character during story sequences it makes those parts feel jarring to say the least. Most of the time when we see Haley she’s a petite woman with proportionate proportions, but every now and then she shows up with inexplicable voluptuous curves and a different outfit. That’s not to say that either art style is bad, in fact both are beautifully done, but I think at some point you have to choose an aesthetic and stick to it. 

After Dark Header - Recommendation
A wildly different version of Haley is shown here to highlight the inconsistent art.

Dreamcutter has all the makings of greatness with its fluid gameplay and fun mechanics. Even the art, when consistent, is really something special. However the gameplay loop gets repetitive relatively quickly and the bosses are damage sponges. The adult content doesn’t seem to fit the vibe and truly the game could stand solidly on its own two feet without it. It’s not a game I would hands down recommend, but if you’re in the mood for a platformer with a lot of potential, and a tiny pinch of naughtiness, then I’d say go ahead and check it out.