Mutant Alley: Dinohazard

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After Dark | Charleen DiPersio | November 30, 2022


  • Full nudity
  • Visible sex/acts
  • Fully interactive sex
  • Sex in the main theme


  • Fully consensual sex
  • Non-human partner
  • Instances of domination
  • Instances of urination
  • Prostitution

Our favorite sexy call-dino Rex is back and ready to be filled with more than just potential, if you know what I mean. TailsUp4Tyranno has remade their original game, Mutant Alley: Do the Dinosaur, and released Mutant Alley: Dinohazard with plenty of hot dino action to be had and lots of tantalizing new features on the horizon.

After Dark Header - The Gauges
The accessories menu for changing various aspects of Rex's appearance. This is for the male version where you can add leather accessories, gloves, colored nails, etc.

Level 4 – Since sex is the primary and singular focus of the game you can expect full nudity and visible penetration. It’s all completely interactive as well. You have complete control over all the sex acts and your partner’s actions.

Female Rex is laying on her back on the ground wearing a bright green thong and mask.
Female Rex is laying on her back on the ground wearing a bright green thong and mask.

Medium Kink – Your partner (whether male or female) is a 10 foot tall t-rex with some humanoid features. They are visibly more on the tyrannosaurus side of the gene pool though. Other than that the sex is pretty standard stuff but Dinohazard’s rating hit medium because there are instances of domination, urination, and prostitution.

After Dark Header - The UPs
A disembodied penis is entering the female Rex from behind. She is saying, "Not bad but I've had bigger ones... ".
A disembodied penis is entering the female Rex from behind. She is saying, "Not bad but I've had bigger ones... ".

Currently you can toggle between a tongue and hands to perform various sex acts to help Mr. Rex reach climax, as well as edge. He only has a few positions to choose from at the moment, but he will react differently depending on how and where you touch him. Which is pretty neat and especially immersive if you are in VR. One of the new features added in the most recent update is the ability to choose what kind of penis he has, swapping his default dino dick with a more human looking one. There are also lots of other visual customizations available like various clothing pieces, piercings, and even colored nail polish (claw polish?)! Another new addition is a vending machine where you can buy a drink for Rex and if you hand it to him he’ll proceed to urinate. You can leave him to his business or include yourself in the golden shower if that’s your thing. He doesn’t mind either way.

After Dark Header - The DOWNs
Female Rex is standing, fully naked and touching herself. She is saying, "Enjoying the show?".
Female Rex is standing, fully naked and touching herself. She is saying, "Enjoying the show?".

The Steam page doesn’t outright state that it is in an early access state but the creator makes it very clear that active development is ongoing, usually with sizable monthly updates. That being said, the build we played still has some work that needs to be done and we can understand that completely. We encountered a few UI issues as well as some controller problems in both VR and with the keyboard/mouse. The original game had some control issues too and hopefully in the future that will be a speed bump that gets smoothed out for this current iteration as it is probably the biggest drawback for the game. 

After Dark Header - What's NEW
The accessories menu for the female Rex. You can change her breast size, add nipple rings, leather accessories, etc.

(As of 11/30/22) The biggest change since our last encounter with our favorite call-dino is the inclusion of a whole new partner! That’s right, a lady dino! Now in the settings you can opt in for a classic Rex experience filled with all the degradation dialogue your little heart can handle or you can switch things up and let a female Rex grind your heart into the dirt! She will respond to your various touches and poses just as male Rex does with the addition of obvious female assets to add into your foreplay. You can change her breast size in the menu if you like as well.

Female Rex is wearing a red bikini and lifting dumbbells over her head.

There have been lots of accessories added in since we last played, so now you can customize your experience even more so. There are masks, and nipple piercings, and arm/leg sleeves, all of which can be color customized and can be positioned by choosing left, right or both appendages. You can even have good ole Rex smoke a cigar if that’s what you’re into!

Male and female Rex are having sex standing up.
Male and female Rex are having sex standing up.

Mapping for the hands in both VR and on PC seem to have been greatly smoothed out and you can really see the hand contouring whenever it touches, which is pretty impressive if you ask me. The controls can still feel slightly clunky, especially on PC since you need to control your camera yourself on top of controlling your hands, tongue and/or penis. But as always this is a game that shines best in a VR setting and that’s totally ok.

After Dark Header - What's NEXT

From what I can tell there are still plenty of features waiting to be implemented, some much sooner than others. The biggest one has to be the “couple mode”, where you will be able to watch some dino on dino action. So far it looks to be hetero only but hopes are high we’ll get other pairings and lots of poses included in future updates. Even more customization options seem to be on the docket for Dinohazard as well, such as skins and more positions. All great things we can’t wait to see, so you can be sure we’ll be keeping an eye on the project as it makes progress, and we’ll be back once the final release becomes available.

After Dark Header - Recommendation

As always the graphics and voice acting are top notch and the game holds up against the original quite nicely. There are a few things missing of course, but we’ve been assured they are on the way and that’s a-ok by us! While Mutant Alley: Dinohazard may still have a way to go before being complete, it’s a game worth picking up and revisiting often just to see what’s new and improved.