Nayla’s Castle

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After Dark | Charleen DiPersio | March 22, 2023


  • Full nudity
  • Visible sex/acts
  • Sex is a very prominent theme
  • Sex is a key component to the story and gameplay
  • Sex is slightly interactive


  • Instances of dubious and non-consent (no visible duress)
  • Non-human partners
  • Futanari
  • Femdom

In Nayla’s Castle from quidev you awake to find a succubus has not only cast a curse on you that’s made a penis sprout between your legs, but she also happens to be taking full advantage of said curse as you lay groggily on the stone floor of her castle. Worse yet is that she thinks you’re really something special and wants to keep you trapped in her castle for her personal use…FOREVER!!! Oh heck no! While you may not be upset about the whole new third leg, you’ve suddenly acquired, you are absolutely no one’s plaything! You’ve got to make it to the top of this dang castle and give Nayla, along with a whole host of other baddies, a taste of their own medicine.

After Dark Header - The Gauges

Level 3: For this game sex is a very prominent theme, so there’s plenty of full nudity and visible sex/acts, in fact sex is a key component to the gameplay itself. After you defeat an enemy you can choose to move on to the next one or you can enter a sex scene to finish them off. This will refill your health bar no matter if you choose the “dominate” or “be dominated” positions. The sex is also slightly interactive as you can choose the position as well as control the speed.

Medium Kink: Nayla’s Castle features, for the most part, consensual sex but there are definitely cases of dubious consent and even non-consent. That said, none of the characters ever seem to be injured or showing signs of duress. Although all of the enemies and bosses you’ll fight are non-human, a lot of them still appear fairly human just with different skin colors, horns, or wings, etc. Fetish-wise the game leans heavily into its futanari theme so, there’s lots of top/bottom swapping, as well as some instances of femdom.

After Dark Header - Does It Hold UP

Nayla’s castle was new to us when it popped up in our curator connect portal, so we hadn’t heard of it before then. We’re always glad to find new lewd games though so we were excited nonetheless.  There seemed to be a lot of really fun pixel art and some interesting mechanics judging from the trailer, plus the fact that it was a platformer, which you don’t see a lot of in lewd game form, we couldn’t wait to jump in and see what this game had to offer for ourselves.

After Dark Header - Does It Hold UP

Speaking of lewd platformers, this one really fits the bill on all accounts. It’s jam packed with naughty encounters yet each stage was short enough that you didn’t see the same stuff on repeat often enough to grow tired of it. The artwork, both sprites and portraits, are all well done. Some of it may not have been to our taste, but it brought a unique style to the table, and that was definitely appreciated. I do wish there was a bit more story or at least context added to the bit of story that was there. We finished our first run in about an hour and a half and had we gone back through to finish up the gallery and whatnot it may have taken us another hour at best. So there’s certainly room for a bit more substance in there and it would help alleviate that bare bones feeling of just going from stage to stage. There was an attempt to flesh out the story at the end it seemed but since we again had no context about who any of the characters were it made it hard to feel invested in any of the plot.

Mechanically, the game played fairly smoothly. You have a simple move set that allows you to double jump and jump dash almost infinitely to get to where you need to go. However, most stages don’t really need to be explored much to find the doors to move on. A few stages had locked doors that needed keys, but for the most part it was a straight shot from one end of the stage to another, only stopping along the way to fight the various enemies and view their individual animations. Controller support could use some work as it took us quite a bit of effort to get it to where it felt comfortable to play. We initially tried just using the keyboard as intended but found the experience too awkward to continue. Once we sorted out the controller though, it was smooth sailing. 

After Dark Header - To Sum It UP

Overall, I’d have to say that it was the way the adult content was presented that impressed us the most. Unlike so many other games you weren’t required to lose in any way in order to see the sex animations. Plus each enemy had two different ones to unlock depending on if you chose the “dominate” or “be dominated” positions after using your charm move on them. Or you could just simply defeat the enemy and move on with the stage. You didn’t have to continually view the same thing over and over nor did you have to suffer any consequences to view the sex in the first place. In fact it had the added benefit of refilling your health bar whenever you did! Win-win-win!

Other than what was already discussed there were only a few nit picky things that affected our overall experience. Things like during dialogue there was no indication of who was speaking. A darkened portrait to show who isn’t speaking or names at the top of each dialogue box would be a simple fix worth making. Also, sometimes the action could end up hidden behind the HUD or even the environment which is a shame since it’s one of the highlights of the game.

After Dark Header - Recommendation

Nayla’s Castle is a simple, straightforward platformer with a whole lot of naughty bits mixed in. While admittedly it teetered on the edge of being a little too simplistic the lewd content was anything but. It gets two monster girl thumbs UP from us!