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After Dark | Charleen DiPersio | October 4, 2022


  • Full nudity
  • Visible penetration
  • Non-interactive sex scenes
  • Sex is a prominent theme throughout


  • Non-human partners
  • Tentacle play
  • Toy play

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to choose our own path forward. Maybe you want to go to university and become a librarian. Or maybe you want to backpack around the world and taste all the delicious food you can find. Or maybe you want to spread your wings away from the boring country life and make the beast with two backs with every bandit, cyclops, or mushroom that crosses your path. Heck you might even have a knack for it! In Nympho’s Path from Pinky Soul that’s exactly the life our main character Bari has chosen for herself and she’s eager to see how it all adds up!

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The main character gets caught by a big brutish red monster and they have sex.
The main character gets caught by a big brutish red monster and they have sex.

Though Nympho’s Path has a fairly simple concept that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the adult content department. We put it at a low level 3 because while none of the sex is interactive per say it’s definitely a prominent theme and a key component to the gameplay. There’s also full nudity and visible penetration across the board.

Bari is shocked that there are two bosses ahead. "There are two Bosses now!"

As for the type of adult content we landed right in the middle with a medium since everything is consensual with no signs of duress from any party. You can also encounter some mild kinks like non-human partners (cyclops, dragon, plants, etc.), and a variety of mushrooms used as sex toys.

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Bari uses a mushroom to pleasure herself before continuing to solve the puzzle.
Bari uses a mushroom to pleasure herself before continuing to solve the puzzle.

Nympho’s Path popped up on my Twitter feed and it looked like a few mobile games I’d seen advertised before but with an obvious naughty twist. It seemed like a simple enough concept with some really cute pixel art so I immediately sought it out on the Steam store. For just two bucks it was an even easier sell so I grabbed it up immediately. I hadn’t played anything quite like it before so needless to say I was eager to see just what the game had to offer. Afterall, who doesn’t like to do simple math and be rewarded with a sexy little animation?

After Dark Header - Does It Hold UP
While solving a puzzle, Bari is caught by a plant with tentacles and it has sex with her.
While solving a puzzle, Bari is caught by a plant with tentacles and it has sex with her.

As a puzzle game Nympho’s Path checks all the boxes since its entire concept is strategy based. You’ll need to keep note of Bari’s level and choose a path that has a lower level enemy in the next area. Once you’ve selected your enemy, our girl will march her way over there and “defeat” her partner with pleasure via a pixelated animation. Then that enemy’s points will be added to her own. The enemies for each stage will be random, though their respective values will always be the same, so that adds some replayability to the stages which is nice. Only in the later stages did I find the need to really strategize my path, but other than that it’s fairly unlikely you’ll fail and need to restart, unless you’re really terrible at simple math that is. There is neither a reward or punishment for failing which I appreciate all around. I mean you’ll have to restart the stage but none of them are long enough that it’s too much of a time loss or anything. 

Bari encounters a cyclops and performs oral sex on it.

All the adult content is reward based, so all you need to do is make sure Bari is the right level to be able to take on the next enemy along the path. Eventually, more mechanics get mixed in where mushrooms will give you a big boost, or flowers will “steal” some points, but Bari still needs to be a higher level in order to pleasure them out of existence and out of her way. There will also eventually be key carrying enemies that need to be dealt with to unlock extra pathways, some necessary for success and some not.  Each stage has a boss (or two) that must be dispatched and doing so will end the stage. Depending on how many enemies you’ve taken out along the way you’ll get a zero to three star rating, but the only reason to strive for three stars is to unlock achievements, or to give yourself more of a challenge I suppose. 

After Dark Header - To Sum It UP
Bari recalls a tip she read in her journal. "The journal says that if he is defeated, he will drop a key for a secret passage!"

All the pixel art/animations were detailed and surprisingly well done for such a simple game. And there was a really nice variety of them too. If the enemy looked the same, just colored differently, it still had it’s own unique sex animation which was pretty impressive. With that in mind, I do wish that level of attention had been given to the stages themselves. I say that because every stage looked exactly the same except for maybe a few different path layouts, which in all honesty was getting seriously stale by level 20, and there were still 20 stages more of the same to go after that. If this was intended to be a complete game, with no additional future maps intended, I think maybe a different look or even just some color swapping would’ve added a lot of visual value to the game and really helped in keeping the experience feeling fresh all the way to the end. That’s really the only complaint I have though as everything else felt smooth and entertaining.

After Dark Header - Recommendation
Barry get caught by a passerby and they have sex.
Barry get caught by a passerby and they have sex.

Overall Nympho’s Path was simple, cute and sexy. And you can’t really ask for more than that especially at that $2 price point. The visuals got a little stale come the end of the game, but really there isn’t much room for complaint about what seemed to be a fun little passion project from the developer. One plus one thumbs up across-the-board and I’d be more than happy to see some DLC or a sequel in the future!