Shady Lewd Kart

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After Dark | Patrick DiPersio | September 20, 2022


  • Full nudity
  • Visible penetration including masturbation
  • Non-interactive sex scenes
  • Sex is a prominent theme


  • Demi-human partners
  • Tentacle play
  • Toy play
  • Light BDSM
  • Dirty talk

Shady Lewd Kart from Shady Corner Games takes classic kart racing action and spices it up with lewd twists around every turn! Pick from a variety of characters, even some from your favorite adult games, and race around themed tracks in hopes to get the attention of the pit crew girls. Impress them with your skills and you might get more than just a trophy for winning the race!

After Dark Header - The Gauges
The player races on a race track with a tube of lubricant in their hand

Shady Lewd Kart features full nudity, visible sex and sex acts including full penetration, as well as masturbation. Although none of the adult content encountered in the game is interactive, because it is prominently used as a theme throughout including the items you’ll use, the dialogue, and the rewards you’ll receive, we thought a low 3 for the level of adult content suited it best.

The player performs a fancy trick as they jump over an obstacle

For the type of adult content you’ll encounter in the game, Shady Lewd Kart isn’t too racy (pun totally intended). You will however encounter some demi-human scenarios, maybe a tentacle or two, toy play, dirty talk, and possibly some very light BDSM (spanking, etc), but it all seems consensual so settling smack dab in the middle for the level of content seemed just right.

After Dark Header - The UPs
The player hits a grease spot on the track revealing their panties

Aesthetically, what I really appreciated about Shady Lewd Kart was its low poly style. Topped off with low res textures and the game has a classic N64 or PS1 vibe that I really enjoyed. Plus, all of the tracks you’ll race on are vibrant and fun to zig and zag through. There’s also a large variety of characters to play as, from its starting cast to a large swath of unlockable ones including some recognizable faces from other games in the adult gaming sphere. Which is really cool to see!

One of the characters speaks to the player before a race (with typos). "My tentacle fuck machine excaped and its running a riot around the tracks. Its starting to affect everything mechanical. Metal Shades is speaking french and handing out croissants. We need to stop it!"

Characters aren’t the only thing you can unlock either, because there’s an absolute ton of other things you can acquire from playing the game, like costumes, lewd pictures, animations, and a whole bunch more. All adding an incredible amount of replayability. The best part is, the game is perfect for pick up and play sessions, so you don’t have to try and get everything all at once. Instead you can pick at it here and there as you work your way through all of its content.

A reward image with one of the characters having sex. The scene is titled Parking Ticket.
A reward image with one of the characters having sex. The scene is titled Parking Ticket.

As a kart racing game, it’s pretty solid too! The controls are responsive, and like other popular kart racing games, performing some of the more advanced techniques like powersliding, is a breeze. The items you’ll come across during a race are fun to use too. I especially liked that they’ve cleverly been transformed into sex related toys and paraphernalia. For example, you’ll use a vibrator to give yourself a boost of speed, or a pair of wet panties that can be used to slip up your opponents like a bunch of banana peels. Plus, if you do well in a race, or impress one of the pit girls, you’ll be rewarded with some naughty prizes.

After Dark Header - The DOWNs
The player racing on a track with a bag of various colored emoji faces.

Unlike the fast-paced kart racing portions of the game, the “dating sim” portions ended up feeling less engaging. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a super fun idea, and a great way to spice up a racing game. But at times it felt like it was working against what made racing in the game fun. For example, if you make the wrong decision during one of the dialogue sequences, you’ll be given a frustrating handicap that’ll slow you down and prevent you from picking up items until you crash into an obstacle or get hit by an opponent’s weapon. 

The character select screen.

Even collecting the “dating items” during a race felt more of a chore than a reward. Typically the items would be off the main course, hidden behind obstacles, or placed in precarious locations that more often than not would cost you speed, time, or even the whole race. It didn’t help that in order for those items to count toward your affection with whichever of the pit girls you’re going for, you had to place at least 3rd in the race rankings. So balancing doing well in the race, and trying to better your relationship could be tough, and at times it felt like an unnecessary struggle. Also, if you ARE successful at collecting the items and finishing the race in the top three, your affection doesn’t go up by much, so you’ll find yourself replaying each of the stages in a cup over and over again, a lot. Fortunately, you are able to unlock a lot of the scenes with the coins you’ll collect during a race, so you don’t have to let the grind get you down if you’re feeling impatient.

The player racing on a track with a pair of panties in their hand.

Finally, and this may or may not affect how motivated you are in grinding out those races for coins or otherwise, but the selection of tracks is pretty slim at the moment. With there only being 3 cups with 3 unique tracks each, you’ll get through them pretty quick. However, I will say that it is cool that as you progress in each storyline, the tracks will change a bit, and will include additional obstacles to avoid. Which freshens it up a bit, at least the first few times around.

After Dark Header - Recommendation
A robot character speaks to the player before a race. "My incubator could only hold me for so long. With the data you have given me I have enough to drain every driver of their sexual fluids *giggles* merci mon animal de compagnie. Time to take over my first subject. Metal Shades *laughs*

With more and more content being added regularly, Shady Lewd Kart truly is the de facto kart racer if you love all things lewd. Although it has its quirks here and there, it also has more than its fair share of charms, as well as a boat load of content that’ll keep you coming back for more. It’s truly awesome to see so many talents from all different corners of the adult gaming community being represented in the game, and we can’t wait to see what comes next! Two lewd pit-crewed thumbs UP from us!!