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Reviews | Charleen DiPersio | May 12, 2023

What’s a six limbed potato to do when aliens invade? Arm yourself to the teeth and kick a whole lot of butt that’s what! Brotato from Blobfish is a top down auto-battler filled with more action than you can shake a vegetable peeler at. So let’s jump in and start taking down these tater-haters!

Header - First UP

Brotato is listed as Early Access on Steam but from what I can tell it’s pretty much feature complete with extra fun bits being added on a regular basis. At first glance I didn’t find its simple artstyle appealing and I kind of just wrote it off for a while, but the more I kept seeing it pop up in my recommendations feed the more interested I became. I did enjoy Vampire Survivors and Boneraiser Minions a whole lot, but would this just be more of the same? At $5 it wouldn’t be much of a gamble so I decided to finally give it a try and see what it brought to the auto-battler table.

Header - Does It Hold UP

After scrolling through the plethora of comments saying that Brotato is just another “Vampire Survivor clone”, I’ll admit I was worried at first but it didn’t take me long to realize that even though both games are obviously in the same genre that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Where in Vampire Survivors you have to rely on the items you get to keep you alive, Brotato offers a much wider breadth of traits and items to keep you going. Not only do you collect and upgrade weapons but there are items galore to also choose from that will increase, or decrease your stats in different ways. There are endless ways to build your character to survive each wave. Not to mention that each stat related item you buy is basically a costume piece for your character as well so you’ll usually end up with one funky looking spud on your screen by the time you hit wave 20. As if controlling a six armed potato wasn’t wacky enough already.

Header - To Sum It UP

One thing I really appreciated about Brotato was that each run, no matter how well you were doing, the game only goes up to wave 20 and once you start a run you aren’t locked in to finish it in one sitting. So if I only happened to have a few minutes to spare I could still sit down, casually play a wave or two, pause or save and then pick up where I left off later. Even getting to Wave 20 in one sitting doesn’t take super long so it was a great game to relax with when I just wanted something quick and a bit mindless after a long day. What was also pretty great was that as I was playing it, it caught the eye of my son, who lately had heartily ignored anything and everything that wasn’t Roblox or Terraria. As I write he’s now happily playing his own copy of the game I just gifted him and dancing in his chair as he passes each wave. I honestly can’t give a better endorsement than that.

Header - Recommendation

If it sounds like I’m gushing over this game, that’s truly because I am. Despite being early access there’s not a single thing to complain about. Brotato is shaping up to be another great entry into the ever-growing auto-battler genre we’ve been seeing so much of lately, but it’s absolutely bringing its own unique flavor to the party. Two Tubular Tuber thumbs UP!